Kedzie Corridor

The Kedzie Corridor Community Table brings together two eHubs – and two communities – the Green Line’s Kedzie-Lake eHub in Garfield Park, and the Blue Line’s eHub at Kedzie-Homan in the Homan Square area of broader North Lawndale. Both are predominately African-American communities that have witnessed population loss from disinvestment, similar to portions of Green Line South. The Table’s partners share a commitment to resident retention, ownership, and healthy, green community development. They have partnered with local organizations to leverage their considerable existing assets, which include dynamic platforms for resident engagement, a community-led climate change and sustainability agenda supported by the City, an emerging arts and culture scene, and a strong network of education and social service organizations.

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Kedzie Corridor Community
Table Members*
  • Foundation for Homan Square**

  • Garfield Park Community Council**

  • IFF

  • North Lawndale Community Coordinating Council

  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago

*As of August 2018; membership is in formation

**Steering Committee member

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