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Community Engagement Principles

As part of Elevated Chicago’s mission to improve the built environment for greater racial equity, climate resilience, public health, and arts and culture, our coalition believes there’s a real opportunity to rethink authentic community engagement.

Our ambition is to amplify community power and foster deeper participation and decision-making in the built environment. Our strategy is to distribute decision-making rights to community members interested in the betterment of their neighborhoods through the creation of tools and processes that facilitate engagement and information sharing for people. Community members’ involvement in working to improve our collective wellbeing is critical and necessary and will generate better community engagement practices, develop more trust between constituents and government, and strengthen Elevated Chicago’s networks.

Elevated Chicago recently launched a refresh of our community engagement principles. These principles were originally put together in 2018 and have now been revamped to be more actionable and account for changes in our lives since then, such as hybrid meetings. The principles are listed in a beautiful booklet and are accompanied by a 3D kit that guides the process of community engagement in a unique way. 

This refresh of the community engagement principles was completed in partnership with Duo Development. If you are interested in receiving a kit, sign up here.

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