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Welcome SPARCC


Elevated Chicago is excited to welcome our SPARCC colleagues to Chicago the week of October 21 for “Celebrate Reflect Connect Imagine,” a national convening of the Strong Prosperous And Resilient Communities Challenge.

Representatives from Atlanta, Denver, Los Angeles, Memphis and San Francisco’s Bay Area will join the Elevated Chicago team in sharing best practices from their work advancing ideas, projects and narratives that, together, are leading to stronger cities for everyone.

For the first time in Chicago’s history, there are a number of cabinet-level leaders working with Mayor Lori Lightfoot, other city leaders and residents to ensure that Chicago becomes more equitable, livable and connected. Several commissioners and members of the Mayor’s Office are also members of Elevated Chicago’s Leadership Council.  And, the mayor is prioritizing racial equity in many areas, including efforts to promote affordable and equitable transit-oriented development in communities that have gone without it for too long.

Follow #WeAllThrive, @Elevated_Chi and @SPARCChub all week for highlights from our convening.


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