Our Commitments

Elevated Chicago is committed to supporting and working with and for communities, and we are committed to changing the systems that have historically held back communities of color from progress, opportunities and development for the people who live there.

We are here for residents who live and work in the communities around the seven transit stations that are the focus of our work.  In many cases, we are those people.  We are here for these people, who often feel ignored or on the verge of being pushed out by communities they helped to sustain for years – or decades even.  In many cases, we are these people. We care deeply and genuinely, are committed to our values as we work to change policies, source funding and share knowledge that will strengthen these areas.

We are committed to five values:


We work on complex issues in a changing environment that requires us to exercise agility and constant adjustment.


Our approach is data-driven, results-oriented, and asset-based in order to make visible and meaningful change on the ground.


Our collaborative approach acknowledges, embraces, and leverages the diversity of our communities in order to achieve better, more efficient and equitable results.


Building on community traditions and established best practices, we nurture creative experimentation, take risks, and see failures as opportunities to learn.


We make our decisions openly and responsibly, communicate clearly, and keep each other mutually accountable.