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Chicago´s ETOD Plan: How communities, government and developers united Register for the webinar


Wednesday, June 9, 2021
Noon – 1:30 pm central

Through an unprecedented process involving deep community engagement and cross-sector collaboration, the City of Chicago recently prepared its first Equitable Transit-Oriented Development Policy Plan. There are many lessons and insights applicable to other cities and regions. This webinar will delve into what it took to create the plan, recognizing that a lot of the work was path-breaking and painstaking, in terms of getting sectors to come together. How can this become a model for other communities?

During the webinar, the speakers and moderator will:

  • Provide an overview of the Chicago transit and development situation as well as how they each came to be involved, both personally and via their roles with local or national organizations or initiatives.
  • Share and answer the fundamental question, “Who is the ETOD plan for?”
  • Describe the effort to reframe the rules of engagement for cross-sector stakeholders, including addressing barriers of technical language and accounting for the history and mindsets that are part of the place.
  • Tell the funding story, getting at the challenges of paying for collaborative work as well as opportunities to reshape public and private funding programs and assumptions.


Juan Sebastian Arias, Mayor’s Office, City of Chicago
Leslé Honoré, Center for Neighborhood Technology
Roberto Requejo, Elevated Chicago 
Melvin Thompson, Endeleo Institute
Mariia Zimmerman, MZ Strategies, Moderator
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